Sports Nutrition: More Than Just an Exercise Prescription

Nutrition and Exercise Prescription - The Right Balance

How many times have you gone to the gym and seen bodybuilders with a huge chest, back, arms...  and gut!  On the other hand, how many times have you seen people yo-yo diet until a strong breeze could blow them away...  and then, gain it all back and more.  Both of these situations happen because of an improper balance of diet and exercise.  Having an excellent exercise prescription is great! But, it is only half of the battle.  In the same way, many people can find the diet that really works for them.  But, it is just a diet - not a lifestyle change.  When they stop, they put the weight back on.  So, where is the common ground?

That is where you come in.  As a fitness professional, it is your obligation to promote all aspects of fitness. Though certain clients might want to emphasize one more than another, they are not mutually exclusive and should not be taught that way.  You can be both strong and flexible.  You can be lean and still carry significant muscle mass.  Finding the right balance requires the right exercise prescription and the right diet.  As a certified Sports Nutritionist, you can focus your efforts on dieting for optimal sports and athletic performance.  Diet is half of the battle.  Being a Personal Trainer and being a Sports Nutritionist and complementary certifications that all fitness professionals should have!

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