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Athletes require more of themselves than the average gym-goer. They are not just trying to maintain a healthy body weight or image. They are pushing themselves to the limits to compete. Sometimes the personal training qualifications needed are more than a basic trainer can handle. A nutrition personal trainer or someone who specializes in Sports Nutrition can be utilized to optimize your performance. 

Our bodies are like a finely tuned motor. If you fill it with junk, it cannot perform at its best. If you fill it with lean meats, veggies, and follow a low-fat and low-sugar diet, it will perform better. Each athlete has their own individual needs in regards to both training and nutrition. A trainer with a national fitness certification is needed to oversee the fitness and training portion of an athlete’s training plan.

Many sports will require a Sports Specific coach or unique training regimen to help them reach very specific goals. Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. You can’t be successful with just one--you need both. Your nutrition complements your workouts and performance. You may have heard the phrase about not being able to outrun a bad diet, and it is true! Being strict with your workouts but not following a nutrition plan can only help you get so far. Having a Sports Nutrition advisor is the best way to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need to help you perform your personal best.

Sports Nutrition advisors have completed their school for personal trainer certification and are up to date on health trends such as supplementation of sports nutrients. Recent health articles about energy drinks have proven that although there are some benefits to some of the drinks for some of the athletes, they are not for everyone and you should exercise caution when choosing supplements.  Having a Sports Nutrition advisor can help you decide if any sort of supplements would be beneficial for the personal goals that you have. Of course, never start any new supplements without speaking to a sports nutritionist, dietician, or your primary care physician. Some of the supplements that are available over the counter may have a negative reaction with specific prescription medications. 

Seek out a holistic nutrition training course and see how you can use foods and nutrition to help optimize your personal performance!

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