Sports Nutrition: A Recipe for Success!

Take a Holistic Approach to Sports Nutrition...

As a Sports Nutritionist when considering recipes and diet plans to improve your client's sports performance, it is important to consider the whole picture. What is going on in your client's life? When can they eat? What is their caloric expenditure? When thinking about diet plans and writing our your recipes for a client, consider his/her current situation. Your diets and recommendations could be dramatically different just due to scheduling. For example: Your diet for a middle-aged man trying to improve his golf game who works a 9-5 job in a cubicle and is in bed by 10 pm would be different than your diet for a third shift factory worker who is moving all night and goes to bed at 9 am every morning - who is also trying to improve his golf game...

One of the most common mistakes made by Sports Nutritionists is to use the cookie cutter approach to saying that eating after certain times is bad and eating certain types of foods after another time is bad. The reality is that it is all individual. Caloric intake and types of foods to intake varies by individual through many factors. To write the right diet, you have to get to know what your client needs to obtain his/her goals. You have to help your client know what is best for his/her needs. Sports nutrition is more than writing diets and passing along recipes of protein cookies. Sports nutrition is about considering the holistic situation of your client and determining what diet is best for optimizing his/her potential!  

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