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Sports Conditioning...  Training an Athlete

Sport-specific training of athletes can be very challenging, but is a rewarding endeavor.  People compete in athletics for many reasons.  So, your training style needs to change in accordance to the motivation and age of the athlete.  If the athlete is a youth, positive motivation is essential.  If the athlete plays professional sports - you might want to be more forceful and demanding.  Take the approach that works best for your client.  Many times, personal trainers and fitness professionals like to take the approach that worked best for them.  Just like those same fitness professionals like their clients to do the same exercises that they like to do.  But, it isn't about the trainer.  It is about the client.  It is about getting that client his/her desired results.

Sports conditioning obviously varies by the sport.  Contact sports might require body-hardening and impact readiness training.  While other sports involve more agility and flexibility work.  Still, one aspect of sports conditioning that is universal to all sports is footwork.  Understanding the basics of weight shifting and momentum generation through correct movements and stances is essential to all sports.  Even water sports require footwork.  Have you ever seen a swimmer not use his/her legs?  So, if you are looking to training athletes and want to understand more about sport-specific training, you should take a look at our sport-specific training certification.  Knowing how to play a sport and knowing how to fitness train and athlete that is preparing for it are two different things.  Are you ready for the challenge?

Are you ready to become a Sport Specific Trainer?

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