Sport Specific Training - Optimizing Athletic Performance

Athletes already know that training will help them improve in their sports performance. Why else would there be coaches?!  Sport specific training is customized to their individual sport to help optimize their performance. Sport specific training can give athletes that competitive edge over their competitors. It can also help lengthen the number of active years in their sport by reducing the opportunity for injury.

Sport specific training involves strength training that focuses on power and recovery. Utilizing muscles that are specific to individual sports will give the athlete greater gains than the typical weight training routine. Paying special attention to recovery will also reduce the potential for injury, allowing the athlete to stay active in their sport for many years to come.

Other sport specific strength training moves involve functional and explosive moves. The explosive moves will help increase speed and agility. Rotational training can also be used to maximize gains for your athlete.

Resistance training is also used for sport specific training. Working on functional skills that are specific and beneficial to the athlete and their sport can help optimize performance.

Other areas that can help optimize training is nutrition and motivation. Nutrition can help you improve your performance as well. Your body is your engine. Feed it clean food so you can have optimal performance. Food is fuel! A personal trainer with a background in nutrition or a specialty degree in nutrition, can help build plans and suggest foods and meals to best optimize your recovery and workout. Motivation can be a struggle as well, especially when there is a 100 mile race and it’s freezing outside. A sports coach can help you get your mind back into the sport and can provide ways to benefit and encouragement.

Training your body with sport specific training exercises can help give you the cutting edge you have been looking for. Whether your individual sports calls for resistance training, strength training, or endurance training, you are able to benefit with sports specific training.

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