Sport-Specific Training Certification: Training the Athlete

Push Athletes to the Next Level with Sport Specific Training! 

Some types of fitness exercise are highly specialized and serve a precise purpose. These types of activity are great for pushing that extra mile and getting every bit of potential from your body. They help you train specific areas of your body or specific activities that you wish to improve upon. One highly specialized qualification is Sport-Specific training. Athletes and sports professionals will undergo sport-specific training alongside their general fitness regime to help them compete at the highest level possible. A soccer player might practice various running and speed techniques to help with their ball dribbling skills for example; or a swimmer might lift weights to specifically develop their shoulder muscles and stretch to improve range of motion.

As a fitness professional, you should consider specializing in this type of fitness. You can optimize athletes performance and maintain a regular set of general fitness classes. This could open a whole new world of opportunity for you and bring in a range of professional clientele that will require continued training throughout their careers.

The American Sports and Fitness Association® provides a Sport-Specific training certification that will help you start teaching this type of activity to clients. If you take this qualification, you will learn about the benefits of sport-specific training, and how it can help athletes improve specific areas of their performance. You will also learn a relating set of skills and techniques to help optimize athletic performance. When you have finished your studies and successfully completed the examination, you can call yourself ASFA® certified! From here on, the only way is up and you take to make a real difference to your career with the help of sport-specific training!

Sport Specific Training Certification



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