Sport-Specific Training Certification: Fun and Rewarding

Appeal to a range of professional and recreational athletes and help them develop their skills!

One type of fitness training that is highly specialized is Sport-Specific instruction. This type of fitness activity is varied depending on what sport you train; however it can have great benefits to sports professionals and recreational athletes. Sport-specific training has the goal of improving an athlete’s performance through various activities that aim to emulate real sporting scenarios and movements. For example, a basketball player could train their leg muscles and do box jumps to help with their jumping ability. Or alternatively, a tennis player could perform stretches and weight lifting to improve their shoulder and arm strength. As a fitness professional, this could be a fantastic way to specialize in your career and appeal to a broader range of clients.

A perfect way to start your Sport-specific training is by completing the ASFA® sport-specific instruction certification. This qualification will help you learn the benefits of this type of activity, and will give you the tools you need to create your own specific classes. Throughout the course of your studies, you will learn a variety of exercises and activities pertaining to your chosen specific sport. Furthermore, you will learn how to help improve your client’s performance and fitness levels.

You can be confident that this certification will have both practical application, and relevance to your chosen sport. All ASFA® certifications are based online and you can study while still maintaining your day-to-day business. Furthermore, you can complete the final exam from the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you.

Take the leap today and choose to specialize as a sport-specific trainer! Sports Specific training really is an activity that is gaining huge popularity and has real benefits to professionals and recreational athletes alike.

Sport Specific Training Certification

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