Sport Specific Exercise Accessories


Here is a Quick List of Several Common Sport Specific Training Accessories:

1.)  Slam Balls.  Core rotation and throwing.

2.)  Agility Ladder.  Lateral speed, footwork and coordination.

3.)  Medicine Ball.  Core rotation and stability.

4.)  Sledge Hammer.  Core rotation and grip strength.

5.)  Tire.  Full body functional strength.

6.)  Kettlebells.  Momentum coordination and strength.

7.)  Heavy Ropes.  Endurance and grip strength.

As you can see, core rotation, coordination, footwork and grip strength are on the top of our list for sport specific training attributes.  Hopefully these accessories can help you create a better variation of your fitness clients' routines and help them reach their optimal potential.

For more information on Sport Specific accessories and training methods, click the link below.

Sport Specific Training Certification

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