Speed and Agility Instruction: Making Athletes Better

Speed and Agility are important components of any fitness regime or athlete’s repertoire. To accelerate quickly or to run fast you need strong levels of speed. To perform complex moves, and to get the best out of your body, you must be agile and flexible. For sports competitors and athletes who compete at the top levels, having great speed and agility will make a true difference in their performance and allow them to push through and become the best in their discipline. As a personal trainer, being able to improve your client’s agility and speed can be the perfect addition to your career and you can make a real difference in their performance. ASFA® offers a speed and agility instruction certification that will allow you to expand into this area of fitness.

If you have what it takes to push to the next level of your continuing education, you will be rewarded with a host of knowledge pertaining to speed and agility training. During this highly accessible course, you will learn about the benefits of these skills to the human body and to athletic performance. You will also learn a wide variety of different techniques that are beneficial for improving speed and agility such as shuttle-run, jumping exercises and Plyometrics. Once certified, the knowledge you have taken on board will prove invaluable to your fitness career and you will have the confidence and application to create engaging speed and agility classes for a new range of clients.

By joining the ASFA® community you are committing to your continued education and success, and a certification such as the speed and agility instruction qualification is a great way to push yourself to the next level!

Speed and Agility Instruction Certification

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