Speed and Agility Certification: Quick, Quicker, Quickest!

Take your career to new heights with ASFA’s Speed and Agility Instruction certification!

There are many different aspects to fitness and professional sport. To be a complete and well-rounded athlete requires a host of skills and traits. You must have great determination, strength, stamina and discipline, but you must also have outstanding agility and speed. In certain sports like football and track events, speed and agility can make the difference in your overall performance. Football players must be able to accelerate quickly to break away from tackles, and track athletes must have great speed for short distance bursts and to make that final push on the last few meters. Many people can run, but improving your agility and actual speed takes a specialized form of training. ASFA®'s speed and agility certification does this and is a great niche qualification to add to your repertoire.

If you decide to take this certification, you will not be disappointed. You will learn various techniques that help improve speed and agility such as plyometrics. You will also study the human body and what benefits this form of intense training will provide. Furthermore, you will learn about different sprinting techniques and how agility and speed are beneficial in sporting and athletic environments. This certification will give you what you need to create your own speed and agility routines and help your clients improve their own performance greatly.

What makes this certification stand out from the rest is its accessibility and the information that it instills you with. Based completely online, you can study from the comfort of your home, and at a time that suits you. You do not have to stick to a schedule or travel to a test center. Furthermore, the skills you learn are practical applications to your fitness business. You are not simply studying to pass an examination. To create a niche for your business and to bring in a new range of dedicated clients, ASFA’s speed and agility instruction certification is a great option.

Speed and Agility Instruction Certification

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