Speed & Agility Coach: Fast, Faster, Fastest!

Have you ever wanted to increase your speed and coordination in your sport? If so, a speed and agility coach is exactly what you have been looking for. Speed and agility coaches create specific exercises that target those larger muscle groups for peak performance.

Speed and agility training has a heavy emphasis on your leg and core muscle groups. The moves are high impact, targeted and explosive moves to retrain and rebuild those muscle areas. Speed and agility exercises help with coordination and cardiovascular endurance as well. Speed and agility training will give you a faster turn over and greater number of repetitions. Speed and agility can be used to quicken pace for running and also over all run quality.

Plyometrics are another type of exercises that are commonly used with speed and agility training. Plyometric exercises are usually low impact, but uses body weight as resistance. The idea behind ploymetrics is to fatigue the muscles fairly quickly. Lighter weights and high repetitions are good at this, too.  

Speed and agility training are led by certified fitness professionals that have special training in building speed and coordination. Many sports can benefit from these skills, not just runners. Any type of cardio fitness can reap benefits from speed training.  And, you are creating muscle and strength for sport-specific performance too. 

Do you feel like you want your competition to work a little harder? Sign up speed and agiilty training and get the very most from each workout and reap the rewards on race day!

Are you interested in becoming a certified Speed & Agility Coach?  If so, just click the link below to learn more!

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