So, You Have Your Black Belt, Now What?

Use your martial arts knowledge and become a certified fitness instructor through ASFA®!      

Martial arts is a wonderful form of combat training and is practiced by many people worldwide. This form of combat practice is used for a variety of different reasons; from military training and law enforcement to self-defense and mental development. The original form of martial arts was practiced over 4000 years ago and since then has evolved to encompass a range of activities and disciplines. Today, you can practice martial arts as a form of self-defense, but it also serves as an important and challenging fitness activity. Martial arts fitness classes are quite demanding and offer the chance to improve your conditioning, muscle strength, and fighting skills.

As a fitness professional, you should seriously consider taking the ASFA® Martial Arts Fitness certification to broaden your horizons and improve your skills. By expanding into this area of fitness, you can teach a wider range of classes and appeal to a greater audience. Furthermore, you can develop your own fitness and fighting skills. If you already have a solid grounding in martial arts this certification will be the perfect addition to your career.

ASFA’s online martial arts fitness certification is a great way to learn more about fitness and martial arts conditioning. Additionally, you will learn how to use martial arts as a fitness activity and see how it can benefit your clients’ fitness. You will learn a range of interesting and fun moves, and how to safely conduct a martial arts fitness class.

This online certification is highly detailed and the information you will learn has practical applications to your business. Once qualified, you can start developing your own martial arts routines and add this activity to your fitness routines. If you are a fitness professional and interested in martial arts and combative fitness, this is the ideal certification for you!

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