Senior Fitness: Geriatric Exercise Specialist

Older adults require fitness in their lifestyles to help them remain active and independent as they age. Fitness trainers who aspire to work with seniors will need to focus on senior fitness from the physical fitness specialist certification manual. This will help guide them when they look into which personal trainer certification they need to achieve their goal.

A geriatric exercise specialist must have a passion for helping others and have patience and empathy. Many of your geriatric clients will be recovering from a life changing event, such as a stroke, and may not be able to do the things they once did with ease. Fitness trainer certification programs will help guide you on how to be a better trainer for your senior clients. Many clients will use a geriatric exercise specialist along with their physical therapist to help regain mobility and stability. Functional training exercises that are low-impact will be best for adults in their golden years.

Your senior fitness instruction certification will help you learn modifications to each move so that you can individualize each exercise to best fit your clients. You will have a large range of clients within senior fitness ranging from active adults that want to remain active and social to those that need physical activity to improve the quality of their life and regain functional skills. Being a good trainer means that you will be able to recognize what each client needs individually and meet each client where they are physically and mentally.

Yoga stretching courses can help round out your geriatric specialist certification. Yoga courses can help show you gentle stretches and breathing routines that your clients can benefit from at the senior level. Creating balance and harmony for your clients help to provide a happy environment and helps improve your clients overall sense of well-being.

Getting a certification as a senior fitness instructor can help you push senior fitness in your local community. Seniors enjoy the physical activity and comradery as much as the younger fitness groups do. It helps to improve morale and create feelings of joy and accomplishment!

Senior Fitness Certification

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