Senior Exercise Routines: Make a Difference

Creating an exercise routine for seniors can make a positive difference in their health and overall well-being. Having that routine gives them a sense of purpose when they wake up. They know what they are going to do and where. They know friends from their workout class that they will meet up with and that helps motivate them to focus on the positive aspects of life in a period of time when health issues can spike up within their inner circle of friends.

Having an exercise routine for seniors doesn’t mean that they will be forced into doing speed training drills for running. This is a time in their life when functional fitness and low-impact exercises will benefit them the most. Finding a trainer with a meditation certification can help seniors with light yoga stretches and breathing techniques that can help lessen stress and chronic pain. This can be especially beneficial for those that cannot find a direct source or solution and who do not want to take medication for minor conditions. Yoga and breathing techniques are used by many individuals, not just seniors, to benefit from the practice of them.

Trainers who have completed personal training certification requirements are great working with seniors while they obtain their specialty certificate in senior fitness. They are able to help create a routine for your senior that is individualized for their specific needs and match their personal fitness level. Fitness trainers who are working towards their senior fitness certification have taken functional movements courses to help their senior clients have better stability and agility to increase balance and prevent falls.

Seniors who are already active and have had a continuous fitness routine for years can benefit further by adding light strength training such as Kettlebell body moves to their current routine to help prevent loss of bone density and help to stave off osteoporosis.

As our body ages and changes, our workouts have to change and adapt too, so that we are always having a routine that we can benefit from. Having the right workout routine can make a big difference for seniors, providing them with better health and mobility in their years to come.

Senior Fitness Certification

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