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Fitness and wellness certification programs can cover a large variety of fitness programs. An advanced fitness specialist will chose an area of specific interest to enhance their skills and knowledge in to be one of the top fitness specialists in that specific field of training. Martial arts fitness is one of those specialty areas that combine fitness and self-defense instruction into one powerful and challenging workout. Martial arts fitness combines both low and high impact exercise movements with self-defense training to increase confidence, self-esteem, and personal safety.  

The benefits of martial arts fitness training provides the client with a unique and fun workout that burns calories, tones the entire body, and improves stability and stamina. Some of the personal trainers with goals of becoming a group fitness instructor will go into martial arts fitness because it’s a high-demand fitness class that provides a bigger purpose on top of just getting fit. It provides self-defense instruction that anyone can use in real life situations to help keep them feel safe. There are different varieties of martial arts fitness and all of them have a unique style to them, but all of them provide skills to help you feel confident using self-defense techniques and skills.  

Krav Maga fitness is one of the newer health fitness jobs that fall under martial arts fitness. It combines Israeli army styled boot-camp training with martial arts and applies it to real life scenarios, making it one of the more popular fitness classes under the umbrella of martial arts fitness.  

Kickboxing is another martial arts fitness class that is fast paced and energetic while teaching self-defense instruction as part of their class program. Some of the kickboxing classes will use punching bags in the class to mimic the real action of kicking and defending yourself. Other classes just go through the motions so that you will be able to know what to do if you are ever in danger.  

Karate fitness combines different styles of karate and blends that with self-defense techniques that keep your heart rate up for a fun cardiovascular workout.  Learning different styles of karate can help improve your self-confidence, self-esteem, and overall mental health knowing that you can handle any situation that life throws at you. Combine fitness and self-defense skills together for a workout that will keep you both challenged and safe!

Martial Arts Fitness Certification

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