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ASFA® is an organization that has a host of well-developed connections that help provide resources for our clients. As a leading authority in certificate distribution for fitness professionals, the American Sports and Fitness Association® really is a head above the rest. By joining ASFA® in a business partnership, you will take your organization to the next level and benefit from our wealth of knowledge and skills. Furthermore, our range of business connections and partnerships ensures that you will be privy to a huge wealth of resources and material to aid your development further.

Examples of the partnerships we have formed include HPSO (the nations largest provider of healthcare insurance) and Human Kinetics (the industry’s leading provider of fitness textbooks and manuals), and (A provider of websites for fitness professionals). These three different businesses improve our own service and compliment the work that we undertake. We can use these partnerships to enhance our fitness certifications and to provide additional opportunities to our customers. ASFA® understand the need for a complete package and a solution that is all-encompassing and leaves no loose ends. You are not just gaining a credible fitness certification, you are gaining additional services that will benefit your career.

If you have a complimentary business that you feel would be the perfect addition to the ASFA® community why not consider joining us as an official partner? We will give serious consideration to any business owned or managed by an ASFA® certified fitness professional. By forming a partnership with ASFA® and sharing our legitimate resources, our businesses can mutually benefit.

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