Reading FDA Labels to Enhance Your Health and Fitness Training

Learning how to read U.S. Food and Drug Administration labels on food packaging can help you enhance your health and fitness training. Understanding what to look for on a food label can help you become more aware of what you are putting in your body and can help prevent nutrient depletion.

FDA food labels state the portion size, the number of calories per portion, the macronutrients (your protein, fat, and carbohydrates), and the micronutrients (your vitamins and mineral panel). The numbers listed are based on a national average. What is not required on a nutrition label is separate numbers for specific diet plans. If you are following a high-protein and low-carb diet, you must read the food labels to make sure the foods you want to eat fall into the parameters of the diet plan you are following. Not everyone is following the same diet plan as you and the foods are labeled for the general public to help them make smarter choices. 

Many fitness instructors will offer personal training meal plans as part of their health training to help you get into a healthy routine and better eating habits. This can be a good jump start on your fitness journey. If you make healthy changes to your diet and stick with it, you will see improvements in your fitness training as well. Your food is your fuel for your workouts. If you eat well, you can use your new healthy diet as a powerhouse for energy and maximum output during physical training. Private trainers can help you sync your health and fitness training and assist with reading FDA food labels. Many trainers also have duel certifications in sports nutrition. A good personal trainer will have a solid knowledge base in both fitness and nutrition to help you get on track and also to take your workouts to the next level.

Learning how to read food labels is not difficult to learn. Newer changes to the labels have made the process easier for consumers to make better nutritional choices. Unlock your full potential and use the information on the FDA labels to enhance your personal health and fitness training.

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