Preventing Osteoporosis with Weight Training

Weightlifting is an anaerobic exercise that can provide many health benefits including building strength and muscle tone. One of the greatest benefits from weight training is that it helps protect bone health from osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis happens when our bone density decreases as we age. Some medications can also accelerate osteoporosis, affecting younger generations as well. Weight training helps to build bone mass. If you are a high risk for osteoporosis, it can help to maintain the bone mass you currently have to help prevent worsening of bone density.

Weight training also helps to protect bone health by toning and building the supporting muscle fibers and tissues around the bones. Preventative health is much easier to maintain than waiting for a problem to arise. Heavy weights are not necessary for bone health. It’s okay to use light weights and do more repetitions of the exercise. Heavy weights can cause a break down in form and lead to injury. Go as heavy as you can, but be able to easily maintain proper form. For many women, using a five or 10 pound weight is sufficient for building bone mass. Many men will find fifteen or twenty pound weights to work well for them. Incorporating weight training into your fitness routine two or three times a week is all you need to help prevent osteoporosis.

Many women will shy away from weight training out of fear of bulking up. No need to worry, ladies! You will not bulk up from using low weights with high repetitions. You will tone up and may even notice more lean muscle in your upper body. Maintaining good bone health is part of a healthy and active lifestyle. If you are consistent with your training and stick with it, you will reap those benefits in your later years.

Preventing osteoporosis in your younger years ensures an active and independent life in your older years. Having a good muscle tone that protects your bones will also increase your stability and functional fitness, making you less likely to fall or be injured from a fall. If you are not sure where to start on your path for better bone health, contact a certified personal trainer for guidance and a customized personal training train. Weight training has benefits for all ages and stages of life. Start your weight training plan today for a stronger tomorrow.

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