Pool Cardio Workouts: Aquatic Fitness

Water aerobics exercise routines are the best way to get a cardio workout in the pool. Aqua aerobics training works more muscles than traditional floor aerobics by adding in the additional gravitational resistance from the water. Working more muscles means you are burning more calories! Pool cardio workouts provide a safe and fun calorie burn session.

A big benefit from aqua aerobics is that the exercises are low impact. There is minimal to no stress on the joints while working out in a pool. This makes the pool a perfect place for expecting woman, senior exercisers, and athletes who are returning to working out from injury. Anybody can benefit from this low-impact workout. Many individuals find the water to be relaxing and they can finally focus on their fitness goals without the fear of being judged. The fitness routines are performed under the water so you are the only one who knows what you are doing. Aquatic fitness classes provide a unique environment that is free of intimidation and judgement. Everyone is working at their own pace for their own goals.

Another benefit of pool cardio workouts is the resistance from the water help to work multiple muscles. Over time, the use of those extra muscles can help with stability and endurance while increasing functional fitness. Greater stability and increased functional fitness allows you to do daily tasks with more ease and confidence and lowers your risks of falling and potential accidents.

Calorie burn is another reason why many people love their pool cardio workouts. Aquatic fitness classes generally burn more calories per hour than other traditional exercises. The use of more muscles per routine is the reason for the extra calorie burn. Individuals feel safe in the aquatic fitness environment. They are indoors. They are in a room full of peers that are working for the same goal of improved health and fitness. The water is calming and the deep water conceals any insecurities they may have allowing them to focus on their breathing and their workouts.

Pool cardio workouts are a fun way for all ages and fitness levels to increase their aquatic fitness and improve functional fitness. Water aerobics classes are offered at health clubs and fitness centers everywhere. You can even perform the same moves in your own swimming pool at home!

Grab your towel and your friends and head to your nearest pool for a fun cardio workout!

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