Plyometrics for Speed and Agility Training

Plyometric training is high intensity exercises that help improve speed and agility in sports training. If you read an article about fitness training, you will see how plyometric exercises are incorporated into training programs to help increase personal fitness quickly and to allow seasoned athletes to train and compete more competitively. Due to the nature of the high impact exercises, if you are injured or recovering from injury, you will want to wait until you are cleared by a sports doctor before you begin a new plyometric workout program. High impact exercises can increase your risk of injury if you don’t have good form.

Plyometrics use a lot of jumping to get the heart rate up quickly and so that muscles are used with full force for specific intervals of time. This method builds strength, speed, and agility. Plyometric exercises can be done anywhere. Individuals like this option of training since they can do it from the comfort of their home and not have to go to the gym for a specific piece of equipment.  Lateral skater jumps, box jumps, broad jumps and squat jumps are just a few of the exercises that makeup plyometric training.  Jumping rope, ball slams, and jumping jacks are other types of plyometric exercises that can be done at home. 

Plyometric exercises improve speed and agility by increasing muscle strength and physical output. When done correctly, plyometric exercises can even prevent sports injury by building up the muscular tissues that supports the joints keeping you injury free.  If you want to learn all about strength training, plyometrics exercises will play a large role in that. Plyometric exercises use both cardio and strength training to get the maximum calorie burn from each workout. Coaches for health and wellness like to utilize plyometric training to get clients into shape quickly with a challenging full body workout. 

Whether you have exercise consultant jobs or you work as a personal trainer for a larger health club, plyometric training can help you build speed and agility while improving overall fitness and decreasing the risk of sports injury. Incorporate some plyometric training into your current fitness regimen and achieve fitness success with plyometrics. 

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