Pilates Positions: 5 Ways to Perfect Form

Pilates: Where Form Matters

Focusing on form and correct spinal alignment during Pilates exercises is an essential task for any Pilates Instructor. It may seem simple but making sure every class participant has correct spinal alignment and proper breathing can be a daunting task.

Let's use the example of a boat position. How many times have you had a student attempting the 'boat position' but their form is not correct? Their shoulders are slumped forward, and their legs are bent into a crunch position--it happens from time to time. From the "boat", to "triceps teasers", to "hundreds", most participants will compromise exercise form. And why? Because it’s only natural, correct form isn't easy, it takes hard work and focus.

Perfecting form is hard work, and when done properly, clients do really love the great results. So, here's some quick and easy tips for monitoring clients and ensuring they have correct form.

1. Synchronize your class. If everyone is doing the same exercise at the same time, they are much easier to monitor.

2. Demonstrate not only the correct form, but also show them examples of common mistakes. If your clients can self-monitor, that makes your life easier and their results better.

3. Instead of completing the exercise with your clients, demonstrate, and then walk around the class.

4. Arrange your class in rows. You should be able to monitor form while watching from the front or side of the room.

5. Use cadence. You can use music, a metronome or any time-keeping rhythm. If your clients know when they are to change position, they all change together, so then they are much easier to watch.

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