Pilates Instruction Certification: Practicing Pilates and Instructing Classes

As a fitness instructor, it is in your best interest to develop your set of skills and try to learn new activities and fitness routines. Doing so will benefit you and your career two-fold; firstly, your own understanding of the human body and fitness will improve, and secondly you should be able to attract a wider range of clients for your business. This can only be positive and should help with your motivation in the competitive fitness industry. There are many ways in which you can learn new skills. One straightforward and convenient way to do so is by taking fitness certifications. ASFA® offers a wide range of certifications including Pilates, Yoga, Indoor Cycling and Advanced Personal Training.

The question is: What makes Pilates such a popular activity and a viable choice for a fitness certification? This fitness practice has been developed since the early 20th century and has been proven to provide numerous physical benefits. The different activities you complete during Pilates classes are engaging, fun, and challenging. When participating in these classes, your clients should see an improvement in their flexibility, core body strength and feel refreshed and content. Many people regularly attend Pilates classes as a stress relieving mechanism and to keep their body toned and in shape.

An ASFA® qualification in Pilates instruction can help you expand your fitness knowledge and career. Once you have completed this ASFA’s Pilates certification, you will be a certified Pilates instructor! With your new found qualification, you will be able to formulate Pilates classes and offer them to your existing and potential new clients. So, the only questions now is: What are you waiting for? Test today!

Pilates Certification

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