Pilates for Balance

Pilates movements and poses are low-impact exercises that help to strengthen and build lean muscle with emphasis on core strength. Pilates can be performed on the floor with minimal equipment or can be performed on a pilates machine called a carriage. Both are beneficial for balance and stability and elongating the muscle fibers.

Pilates techniques require good posture so that the moves are done correctly. Maintaining good posture while engaging the core muscles helps to build balance and stability for all individuals. The moves are slow and dynamic, building strength and increasing lean muscle mass. Because pilates is low impact, it is ideal for all clients of all fitness levels and age. You remain in control of the amount of resistance used and how deep to hold the move, so each client has the ability to modify their workout to fit them the best. It is a very individualized workout. You can make it as challenging as you wish or as easy as you want if you are taking a rest day or pushing yourself to the limit.

Pilates & yoga having many similarities, but they are different. Yoga often focuses on breathing and meditation, while Pilates focuses on strength building and core conditioning. Both will aid in flexibility and can be relaxing depending on how hard you push yourself. If your goal is to build strength, basic Pilates will do the trick!

Pilates is gaining popularity in the fitness communities around the world for its unique ability to both build strength and flexibility. Pilates is usually taught at a pilates studio or health club, making Pilates an all season sport. Pilates is also great for cross training. It can strengthen imbalances and prevent injury for other sports. Many injuries in sports are preventable and can be eliminated altogether simply by strengthening your imbalances and increasing flexibility and mobility of the joints. A personal trainer can help you determine any imbalances you might have while asking you to perform certain exercises and evaluate form. This is often insightful, as you will learn techniques to strengthen your form and improve at your current sport performance, too.

Pilates can strengthen your balance by building up the weaker muscles. Core pilates focuses mainly the core. Increase your balance and sign up to a fitness class today!

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