Pilates Certified: Targeted & Tone!

Pilates training is a great low-impact way to target and tone your muscles. Pilates movements put special emphasis on the core and leg muscles groups created lean muscle tone. Pilates positions are able to be modified to fit all levels of fitness and athletic levels so you always get an individualized workout that is challenging for you.

Pilates benefits include a greater range of flexibility and mobility of the joints. Pilates are done either on the floor on a mat or on a machine. Both target the core and spine and the lean muscle groups in the legs. The moves are done slowly with focus and control. The moves are low-impact and make a great total body workout for any individual seeking a strengthening workout that is easy on the joints or returning from injury. Pilates also make a great cross training workout as well as a great total body workout for individuals who are new to exercise.

Pilates movements optimize caloric burn because they utilize multiple muscles at the same time (usually involving core), building lean muscle. Lean muscle burns calories, even after you finish your workout. Having a greater amount of lean muscle mass will enable your body to burn more calories and also to burn calories more efficiently. Pilates for weight loss makes it a great choice for torching calories and getting tone!

The hardest Pilates workouts can be achieved by adding resistance to your mat exercises. The resistance should be strong enough to be challenging and make you work hard, yet still able to keep good form and posture through the exercises. If you add too much resistance or tension, you could strain your back and expose yourself to risk of injury. A Pilates coach or instructor is trained on how to perform each move with proper form and also on how to adjust the resistance to fit each person. If you are new to Pilates, arrive to class a few minutes early so the instructor can walk you through the workout form. If he/she knows that you are new to Pilates, they will be able to keep an extra eye on your form during the class as well. They want you to have a pleasant experience so you will come back!

Pilates is a great overall body strengthening workout that can be done by all ages and levels of fitness. It can be used as a challenging resistance workout or for more therapeutic stretching and lengthening of muscles. Pilates is an excellent choice for both targeting and toning your muscles.

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