Personal Training Certification 101 – What You Need to Know

To be eligible to take the certification exam, you must complete all of the course work first. Online personal training certification courses make it easy to access your coursework from any location and at any time that is convenient for you to study. Online studies also give you additional tools like online study groups and online support to help you along the way. Many online courses will include a practice exam at the end so you will know what to expect and to make sure you have learned all of the necessary lessons and programs that encompass that specific certification. Some personal training certifications require you to also obtain CPR/AED certifications before taking the final exam. Once you have completed all of the prerequisites, you are now ready to take the exam. If you are taking the certification exam online, you’ll be able to see immediately after completion if you have passed and will be able to print off your certification card. Your personal training certification card is what you need to begin a career as a personal trainer.  

Personal trainers are in high demand since so many individuals are taking charge of their personal health through fitness. To help you stand out from many other personal trainers that may be competing for the same employment opportunities, many certified personal trainers will continue their education online and pursue specialty certifications in other areas of fitness and health. These specialty certifications can include youth fitness, senior fitness, resistance training, endurance training, and working with individuals who may have a disability. Other specialty certificates include specific types of workout styles such as Pilates, Yoga, Barre, and Kettlebell. The more certifications you have, the more you will stand out from other personal trainers who have only basic certification training. Whether you work at a gym or health club or want to have an in home personal training business, the educational requirements will be similar starting with personal training certification. Additional instructor certificates can be added to your personal training certification to help you grow your fitness career and clientele.

Join the surge of health and wellness professions with a certification in personal training!



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