Personal Trainer Liability Insurance – Get the ASFA Discount!


General and professional liability insurance, as well as additional protection, are important requirements for personal trainers. For example, personal trainers and other fitness instructors might benefit from insurance by being shielded from customer claims of bodily harm, property damage, or errors in judgment.


What Is It?

Personal trainer insurance can relate to various policies that defend you against legal action, monetary losses, and property damage resulting from business operations.

The proper business insurance will assist you in dealing with problems you may face as a personal trainer or fitness instructor, such as:

  1. A workout or training session that results in client injury or property damage
  2. Accusations that you were neglectful or made mistakes throughout your training
  3. Defective fitness equipment that causes a client injury or property damage
  4. Driving to a training session and getting into an automobile accident
  5. Harm to or theft of your exercise equipment


Who Needs It?

Your company should consider getting professional liability insurance, especially if you work with fitness experts like health and wellness coaches, Pilates instructors, personal trainers, and yoga instructors.


What Does It Cover?

Professional liability insurance may cover errors or omissions in your professional services. For example, in your personal training or fitness business, it can help with the following scenarios:

  1. A client was injured after a Pilates instructor pushed them too far. Your client sues your small business to recover their medical costs.
  2. A personal trainer client injured a muscle while lifting weights that were too heavy during a training session. They then claim your company.
  3. A health and wellness coach advised a client regarding a product that induced allergy symptoms in the client. They ultimately have a reaction and sue your company.

When you have the appropriate professional liability insurance coverage, you can relax knowing that any errors your team makes when providing services are covered. Otherwise, you'll be forced to pay for claims out of pocket.


How to Get It?

Keep these things in mind as you begin your search for business insurance.


  1. Determine the types of policies and the amount of protection you require

Consider the daily operations of your company. The types of personal training insurance you require and whether you should take up different policies in addition to general liability and professional liability coverage can be determined by evaluating your risks.


  1. Obtain many bids

When you're prepared to begin comparing insurance plans, you can engage with a broker, go online to a marketplace, or speak with insurance companies directly. You might prefer one of the latter options unless you have more complicated insurance requirements, such as managing a gym with multiple trainers. Compared to working with a broker, using a marketplace or collecting quotations directly from providers might be quicker and more hands-on.


  1. Evaluate service providers and get a policy

Before choosing an insurance company, request estimates from several different companies. When weighing your options, take into account the price of the policy, the coverage it gives, the provider’s level of customer service, and reviews and complaints about the company.

Understanding the procedure with your provider beforehand will be important if you need to add an extra insured or create a certificate of insurance so that you can do those activities promptly after purchasing your policy.



You would never operate a vehicle without insurance; the same goes for operating a business. However, you are now better equipped to choose the one that will protect you against unpleasant legal actions, fees, and escalating costs in the event of an accident. Although we hope you never need it, it's still a good idea to be insured.


Whether you require insurance for personal training or group fitness instruction, ASFA provides the answer. We put a lot of effort into ensuring you have all the resources required to achieve the most fruitful, successful, and lucrative fitness career possible.

We understand that insurance can be quite heavy on the pocket. So, we bring you ASFA discounts to help you get the best possible rate. Simply click here for our partners for Personal Trainer Liability Insurance, Fitness Instruction, and other fitness-related insurance!

Personal Trainer Liability Insurance – Get the ASFA Discount!
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