Personal Trainer Certification Requirements: What it Takes

If you have ever looked into taking a personal trainers course, you know the education required to be a personal trainer. There are many personal fitness trainers school options available to fit every type of learner and every type of schedule.

Any individual wanting to complete the certified personal trainer requirements, must be 18 years old at minimum to be eligible to test with ASFA®. You must also have a current certification in CPR and AED before beginning your training. If you know the establishment you are seeking employment to, check with them first to see what form of certification they require you to have. The company you seek to receive your certification from may require a specific type of certification as well. CPR and AED certifications are both offered online or as a hands-on class with hands-on instruction. Many testing companies and health clubs require that you have the hands-on classroom instruction for the CPR and AED certifications. These can sometimes be trickier to schedule if you live in a smaller town where the classes are not as easily available. The larger cities have classes year round through national organizations such as the American Red Cross that can offer hands-on CPR and AED testing. Many of the local recreational centers in the larger cities will offer a hands-on class as well.

Once you are ready to test you can take the CPT practice test to get comfortable with the testing format and to get an idea of areas that you may need to go back and study more. Some of the textbooks or online study guides will include a personal trainer quiz that can be a beneficial study guide as well. Once you have passed all of the practice tests, that is usually a good indication that you will be successful on the actual testing.

Now that you have what is required to become a personal trainer, you know you have what it takes. Use the testing as an opportunity to celebrate all of your hard work. It is your moment to shine. You now get to help others in their own fitness journey and inspire others to be the best that they can be.

Personal Training Certification

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