Online Youth Fitness Certification: Learning to Train the Next Generation

As responsible adults and fitness professionals, it is our duty to ensure that the youth of today are gaining sufficient exercise and are living healthy lives. There is a tendency for youngsters to stay indoors with their Smartphones, gaming consoles and TV. While small doses of this are acceptable, our children should also engage in regular exercise to keep fit and to broaden their horizons. While youngsters should not have to worry about completing strenuous exercise daily, a regular fitness group meeting would suffice and will have great benefits. Exercise will help keep them fit, it will also give them social interaction and a change of scenery from school or home.

As a fitness professional, you could really make a difference by offering a youth fitness class as part of your repertoire. A great way to start this path is by taking ASFA’s online youth fitness certification. This qualification will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to successfully implement your own youth classes. You will learn about what exercises are suitable for a younger audience, and a variety of activities that a youth audience will find fun, engaging and challenging.

You can make a real difference to a group of youngster’s lives and further your own career! This certification provides a Win-Win situation for you and your clients! You get to make a difference in a youth’s life and at the same time expand your own knowledge base. WIN-WIN!

Youth Fitness Instruction Certification

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