Online Triathlon Fitness Instruction Certification: Pace Yourself...

Triathlon training requires a variety of fitness skills and teaches athletes the importance of discipline, flexibility and high levels of conditioning. Triathlon is a marathon that involves three separate sports disciplines. Cycling, running and swimming. Triathletes will undertake these marathons and combine each sport into a single competition. The order is always swim, bike, then run. Triathlons have become an extremely competitive sport and there is even special triathlon sportswear suitable for each of the disciplines.

Due to the intense nature of the triathlon and the need to be well-trained in three sports disciplines, many competitors will employ a personal trainer to improve their performance. Maybe they are weak in one of the three events and need specific training to improve, or maybe they are well-trained in each sport, but need advice and coaching on how to combine them together to become a successful triathlete. Competing in a triathlons requires more than just the ability to perform each sport. You must also be able to transition from one to the next and alter your breathing patterns to make the best use of your energy.

Taking an online triathlon fitness instruction certification can provide a fantastic opportunity to build a larger client base and appeal to a specific range of individuals. During this course, you will learn the intricacies of triathlon competition and how to coach your clients and train them so they are competition ready. And the best part is, you can take it online at your own pace! Learning multi-sport training is no easy task, but knowing that you can take the test from the convenience of your own home and at whatever pace you are comfortable, makes this a no-brainer qualification for any driven fitness professional!

Triathlon Fitness Instruction Certification

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