Online Stretching and Flexibility Certification: From the Convenience of Your Home

Take our convenient certifications in your own time and in the pressure-free environment of your home.

When considering fitness certifications, many people are hesitant because they believe that to take one requires a great deal of inconvenience and upset to their daily routine and work schedule. This couldn't be further from the truth with ASFA® certifications! 

ASFA® offers a comprehensive range of fitness certifications that are convenient and easy to access. All of our certifications are based online and can be completed using a PC, Tablet, Laptop or Smartphone - providing you have an internet connection. You don't have to travel to a test center, and you don't have to take days off work and risk losing customers. One certification that is a great addition to any fitness professional’s repertoire is the Stretching and Flexibility certification.

Stretching is an important part of exercise and fitness routines. If you do not stretch properly before any exercise or a sports competition, you risk injury. You must ensure your muscles and joints are limber and the blood is flowing properly through your body. Flexibility is important as it allows you to move in more complex ways, and perform more stringent actions (through complete range of motion). The more flexible you become, the less likely you are to receive an injury or muscle strain. The ASFA® certification in stretching and flexibility teaches you this valuable information and helps you understand how these activities are important to your body. You will learn a variety of different stretches and warm-up exercises that you can use in your fitness classes. Once certified, you can incorporate these activities into your fitness routines and even can create standalone stretching and flexibility classes.

This ASFA® certification can boost your potential client base and help you provide a more rounded and complete service to your clients. You will be able to ensure they warm-up and stretch properly, and help them become more flexible.

Stretching and Flexibility Instruction Certification

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