Online Flexibility Certification: Stretching Methodology

Stretching and Flexibility: Know the Right and Wrong Way

As a fitness instructor, there are many different skills and techniques you should have a firm understanding of. There are certain general activities that are vital to any fitness routine and to help the progression of your students. One important area of fitness is stretching and flexibility. When performing most exercises, it is vital that your warm-up properly beforehand and stretch. Stretching before exercise helps loosen up your joints, promotes healthy blood flow and will allow you to more easily transition into the exercise program you are undertaking. Furthermore, stretching also helps prevent injuries and will allow your body to become more flexible.

Being able to teach stretching and flexibility techniques to your clients before a fitness class is a fantastic way to improve their experience and promote safe workout habits. At the start of each of most classes, you should perform a warm-up routine that includes various stretches. This should also be done at the end of a class as a cool-down. To learn how to teach these stretches and warm-up/cool-down routines, you should consider the ASFA® Stretching and Flexibility certification. This certification will provide you with all the knowledge you need to teach your customers how to stretch properly, and the benefits that it provides to your body. Based entirely online, you can complete your studies and the exam from your own home, and at a time that suits you.

ASFA® certifications are well known for the practical skills they teach, and the stretching and flexibility certification is no different. You will learn about techniques like PNF and dynamic stretching and how they can help with sports performance. Also, you will learn the differences between active and passive stretching and about the stretching needs of special populations. So, the only question now is: What are you waiting for?

Stretching and Flexibility Instruction Certification

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