New Gym Exercises to Change Up Your Routine

If you engage in specific sports, try a Sport Specific Class such as conditioning for golf. These Sport Specific Classes can help you perform better and stronger. Functional Fitness training for a specific sport increases agility and stability enabling you to be more competitive in sports. 

If you are recovering from an injury or are getting through physical therapy, take a knee injury personal training class. These classes are modified to provide a tough workout, yet low-impact and gentle on your joints. Classes such as these can help strengthen the muscle around the joints helping you prevent re-injury in the future. If you are currently recovering from an injury, please consult your doctor first to make sure you are safe to participate. Making a comeback too soon could lead to further injury.

Take a stretching class. You will learn new ways to help relieve minor discomforts that come with being an athlete. Learning a subscapularis stretch can be a huge benefit for individuals who suffer from shoulder and back pains. A stretching class will show hands-on techniques and tools to help you stretch deeper, safer, and more effectively. 

If you like high-intensity classes, take a martial arts course. In additional to building cardiovascular fitness, you will also increase self-awareness and self-esteem. Confidence looks great on every person! 

Introducing your muscles to something new is a great way to change up your routine and help stay on track. Invite your friends and help each other with accountability. Instead of making a lunch date with friends, make it a workout date, and try something new and fun. Get out of your rut and change up that routine!

Learn more about physical fitness trainer requirements to be a certified Sport Specific Fitness trainer or Functional Fitness Instructor by checking out ASFA’s online Personal Training & Fitness Certifications, just click the link below!

ASFA Personal Training & Fitness Certifications


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