Master Personal Trainer Certification: A New Year’s Resolution

Many individuals make the annual New Year’s resolution to commit to a fitness plan and take charge of their health and fitness. Fitness trainers and health professionals can make that same commitment to greater health and fitness with a Master Personal Trainer Certification! Master-level Personal Trainers have more skills and knowledge than a basic Personal Trainer and can achieve higher career growth and salary with this higher-level certification.

Master Personal Trainer certification goes beyond the general knowledge of personal training to include a larger mix and variety of fitness related skills and abilities. For example, if you need a Youth Fitness Specialist to help get youth active, a Master Personal Trainer has knowledge of youth sports conditioning to help your child get fit in a healthy and fun way. They are also trained to make accommodations and/or modifications if your child has an injury or disability.

Master Personal Trainers can also work on the opposite end of the spectrum for senior citizens. Master Personal Trainers can work with seniors to help promote fitness and help them increase functional fitness to help them be stronger with everyday activities.  Increasing functional fitness for older adults can help increase mobility and stability, helping them to stay active and independent longer and reducing their risk of falling and injury. Master-level Personal Trainers cover during their certification studies topics such as stability ball fitness that can help them with seniors as well as other age groups and fitness levels.

An instructor or coach that has Master Personal Trainer Certification can help athletes become stronger and more competitive with knowledge of sports conditioning training. They are able to work with endurance athletes on speed training to improve overall agility and quickness. They are also able to identify and help correct muscle imbalances that could lead to injury if not addressed. They can assist with stamina building in addition to other aspects of sports training such as recovery and mental focus.

Making a New Year’s resolution to get your Master Personal Trainer Certification can help improve your career and your own training and performance. Having a higher level certification will help you stand out from the other trainers who may have less training or certifications than you. You will have greater opportunities for career growth within the fitness and health communities, and for salary growth as well to match your higher level of certification and education. Click below to get started today!

Master Personal Trainer Certification



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