Master Level Personal Training: Not Just A Title

You may have seen the titles of personal trainers and Master level personal trainers at your local health club. What is the difference? They are both personal trainers. A master level personal trainer has a more in depth knowledge and more specific training to create more customizable training plans.

All personal trainers must pass a test showing their ability having common and basic knowledge in their field. A master level trainer test is much more detailed. Master level trainers possess a skill-set and methodology that regular personal trainers do not have. They have a greater understanding of knowledge in the field of training. 

Master level personal trainers are better equipped to deal with specific issues that clients may have. For example, training someone who has a medical condition, such as an athlete out of rehab, would be better directed with a master level personal trainer after being cleared by the doctor and physical therapist. Athletes coming off of injury or anyone with limitations would have needs and demands greater than what a regular personal trainer is able to handle. Senior clients with an extensive medical history may also have special needs that a master level trainer could be more equipped to handle.

Master level personal trainers are also very knowledgeable about fitness trendy fads and new ideas that are circling the health and fitness industry. They have the knowledge to help you sort through all of that to determine what is best for you personally and what your realistic goals can be.

As you can see, a master level personal trainer is not just a title. They have skills and knowledge that goes beyond the traditional personal trainer. They can help you if you have any limitations and can help you set goals. They provide a wealth of knowledge in the fitness and health industry and are passionate about sharing it with others.

Master Personal Trainer Certification

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