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Becoming a Master level certified personal trainer is the highest level of personal training you can achieve. Certified personal training, or CPT, means you have completed a course study program and have a vast knowledge of fitness and wellness and have received a certification to teach your knowledge to others. The same certification at a Master level goes a step further with additional knowledge and education and more in depth fitness training to be able to make modifications for individuals with very specific goals or special needs.

Master level certified personal trainers can help you create personal training goals with more expertise in biomechanics, form, and injury prevention. Whether your goal is to lose weight or to increase your own personal fitness levels, a master level CPT can get you there safely. If you are an athlete with very specific goals and have a specific time frame, like marathon training, a master level CPT can help you with that too. The vast knowledge of training makes them a great overall trainer in many different areas of fitness.

Most Master level CPT’s start off as a personal trainer and will continue with their studies as they are gaining hands on experience. Education needed to be a personal trainer includes a course of study in bio-mechanics, kinesiology, exercise physiology and more. There is a certification exam that you will need to take and pass to receive your certification to train. The benefit of receiving a certification is that you will be eligible to be hired by health clubs and private studios as a personal trainer. Many personal trainers enjoy the benefits of having their own business and will do health and wellness coaching on the side and work privately with clients.

Master level CPT’s instill a special passion for fitness and inspires and encourages others to lead healthy lifestyles. Master level certified personal trainers can make fitness fun. With their additional studies, they have learned to help motivate others in different ways to help beat that slump that some clients fall into when they don’t see results quickly enough. They have learned how to work with different personalities and body types so that they can quickly and safely help build a personalized training plan that is best for you and your specific needs.

If you are an individual who is passionate about health and wellness and enjoys motivating and encouraging others, becoming a master level certified personal trainer is the perfect job for you! Study to become a personal trainer and then take your career to the next level as a Master Level Personal Trainer today!

Master Personal Trainer Certification

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