Maintaining Fitness Throughout the Year

Maintaining fitness throughout the year can be challenging for some when life gets busy or family dynamics change.  Fitness routines don’t have to go on hold when life becomes stressful. Learning how to make accommodations and modifications to current fitness routines can help you learn how to maintain your fitness throughout the year. If you feel that you’ve reached a plateau or are starting to lose motivation, seek out the help from a fitness professional or personal trainer to help make sure you stay on track.  Here are some ideas for maintaining personal fitness throughout the year:

  1. Use seasonal fitness workouts to keep your fitness routine fresh and fun. Summertime is perfect for aquatic fitness and water aerobics.  Spring and Fall are perfect for outdoor sports such as running and marathon training. Wintertime can be used for off season maintain such as group fitness classes at the gym, cardio machines, or weight training to support spring training and build functional fitness.  Switching up your routines throughout the year can help prevent boredom and maintain fitness by using multiple different muscle groups for different sports and activities.
  2. Switch your routines around when you feel you need to take a step back. If cardio workouts have you feeling burned out, try Pilates, yoga, or tai chi to help bring focus back while maintaining fitness and improving flexibility, mental strength, and stability. Certified Pilates instructor training is one of the most popular fitness certifications in the fitness industry and is in high demand. Pilates can provide a full body workout with an emphasis put on increasing core strength, improving lean muscle tone, and increasing functional fitness. Floor Pilates may use tools such as exercise ball abs workout programs to improve core strength. Yoga can help calm the mind using meditation and breathing technique to quiet the mind, reduce stress, and improve emotional and mental wellbeing in addition to improving flexibility. A certified yoga teacher or certified yoga instructor can help teach you yoga moves with accommodations to any specific needs you may have. Tai chi helps bring focus back with a deeper connection to mind and body and can help improve stability, stamina, and reduce stress. Tai Chi can also be used as an exercise to help improve memory. These routines can be appealing to all age groups and fitness levels so it’s never too late to start something new or change up your routine.
  3. Join a group fitness class for accountability. Accountability can help increase consistencies in workouts and improve results from fitness routines.  Having an accountability partner can also add some friendly competition to help you challenge yourself a little harder in class.  Group fitness classes are easy to find and are offered at gyms, private health studios, community recreation centers, senior centers, and online via Zoom and other social media apps.  Class music mix keeps the class atmosphere high energy and fun. Connecting with others has never been easier and using fitness to connect with others can help ensure that you’ll be maintaining your fitness training all year long.

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