Leap Year Fitness Goals!

If you could have an extra day in the year to enjoy the benefits of personal fitness, how might you spend that? You are in luck this year with an extra day in February to celebrate leap year fitness goals. Make the most of your extra day to see what goals you can achieve to help you move toward your bigger personal fitness goals.

If your goal was to obtain more advice on nutrition to give your fitness a boost, make your extra day count with something healthy like trying a beginner green smoothie. Beginner green smoothies are a great way to introduce your body to drinking greens. Blended with fruit and sometimes fruit juice, the greens do not taste so earthy and can be enjoyed on a more regular basis for those that are not a huge fan of vegetables. Once you become accustomed to drinking green smoothies, you can start swapping out the juice for almond milk or coconut milk to make it less sweet. Smoothies are fun to make and allow you to enjoy the seasonal produce on a regular basis for improved health benefits.

If you enjoy participating in cardio fitness classes, try something fun and different for your leap year fitness day! Kickboxing, or cardio boxing, is a high-energy and challenging workout that torches calories in a fun environment. Benefits of kickboxing classes include improved energy levels, improved self-esteem, higher confidence levels, and improved aerobic and anaerobic fitness. If you have not had the opportunity to try a kickboxing class, make the most of your extra day by signing up for a cardio kickboxing class.

If your fitness goals included more resistance training and muscle growth, make the most of your leap year fitness by getting in an extra day of training, using it as a cross training day for injury prevention, or work out with a personal trainer to make sure your current exercise routines are still helping you achieve your personal fitness goals. Many outside factors can have an effect on our workout routines and training plans. Taking a day to put things into perspective and re-evaluate if necessary makes us stronger athletes. Being resilient in your fitness efforts and being flexible with necessary changes allow us to grow – both physically and emotionally. Personal trainers are great for this because they are a neutral party and free of our emotional stressors that we are sometimes mentally bound to.  Enjoy your extra personal fitness day and savor the opportunity to make it your healthiest year ever!

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