Kettlebell Instruction: In Dynamic Motion

Kettlebell exercise is often compared to weight training and traditional weights with barbells. Although there are some similarities with regards to building muscular gains, kettlebell training falls into its own category for its uniqueness and other benefits that weight training alone cannot provide.

Kettlebell exercises are precise and explosive moves that provide the benefits of both cardio and strength training together. Because the moves are intense and explosive in style, the workouts are more intense that traditional weight training and workouts are completed in a shorter amount of time, making them more efficient and beneficial for individuals looking for a powerful full body workout in a shorter amount a time.

Kettlebell training focuses on the stabilizer muscles and uses a large range of motion. This improves cardiovascular ability and power while improving performance in other sports and daily activities. Kettlebell training can also aid in stability, posture and burns greater amounts of fat and calories than traditional weight training.

The swing is the staple movement in kettlebell training. The movement originates from the hips, not the knees or shoulders. Originating the power from your hips should take pressure off of your back and will help strength the glutial muscles. Many sports injuries originate from having weak hips and glutes which causes athletes to perform their sport with bad form. Kettlebell training helps strengthen those weakened areas making it a great functional training exercise. The movement of the swing also provides a cardiovascular workout, having to control the swing and stabilize that movement. It’s a perfect cardio workout for individuals who dislike traditional cardio training. And because the moves are much more efficient, you don’t’ have to spend as long doing them.

Kettlebell training is also beneficial because it doesn’t require a lot of space or gear. Just the kettlebell itself and it can be performed anywhere from a house, office, studio, gym or park.

Kettlebell training is the perfect dynamic workout providing individuals the benefits of both cardio and strength training together. The workouts are more efficient and take less time than other traditional strength training workouts and they can be performed anywhere. Kettle bell training can be used as a functional training workout to benefit other sports and daily activities. Pick up a kettlebell and strengthen your fitness instruction today!

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