Jump-start Your Spring Fitness Routine

Spring provides the perfect time to jump start your fitness routine. With cooler temperatures warming up and snow starting to melt, it welcomes a new routine and solution to cabin fever. If you have taken the winter season off from training, connecting with a fitness and health trainer can help you create a personalized training plan to help get you back on track. 

Pre-hab exercises, or preventative rehabilitation, are great functional fitness movements to help prevent injury, increase mobility, and stability. These types of targeted exercises and stretches can help athletes who have taken a large amount of time or seasons off and need to build their personal fitness back up safely. They can also be beneficial for seasoned athletes who may be at risk for overtraining injuries. Pre-hab exercises, when done correctly with direction from a physical therapist or certified personal trainer, are one of the best ways to prevent injuries, with focus on proper posture and effective core strengthening exercises to keep you strong and healthy.

Looking for a personal trainer through a fitness network can help give you the personalized training you need to help you reach your goals. Setting a realistic goal is a great way to start your spring fitness routine. You can tailor each of your workouts to be performed with purpose in reaching that goal. If your goal is to run a fall marathon, you would want to customize your training plan to include running mechanics. If your fall goal is to tone up and add strength, you will need to add more resistance types of exercises into your routine. 

Being outdoors is another great way to enjoy your spring workouts after being indoors all winter. Start a neighborhood walk or run group and share your passion for fitness with others. Having an accountability partner is a great way to make sure you get your workout in to meet your fitness goals. 

Spring can be a new beginning for your fitness routine. Identify what your goal is and find a trainer that works well with your personality and can keeps you accountable for your exercises. A trainer also has a great network of others within the local fitness communities. These connections can help you find running groups or walking groups. Goals are easier to keep when you share with like-minded individuals.

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