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Joining ASFA’s Partner Program is a great way for organizations, businesses, schools and universities, large and small, to provide their employees easy access to a large assortment of health and fitness certifications at a discounted rate. The ASFA® Partner Program also helps to promote your organization by posting your logo on our ASFA® Partner’s Page.  In return when you post the ASFA® logo on your website, your customers and clients will see you have a partnership with one of the top leaders in health and fitness certifications. 

When looking into fitness degrees online you want something that is easily accessible for your employees. ASFA® fitness programs online provide access, 24-hours every day so that you can study when it is convenient for you to do so. Fitness diplomas can be earned in your spare time! Online classes are perfect for individuals who have a hectic schedule with limited flexibility with time management or little time to travel. It is also a perfect resource for anyone looking into a career change within the fitness and health industry.  

Another benefit to partnering with ASFA® is that all of your employees will have the same training. Often a fitness training school may have different course work or a different style of teaching, based on format and experience of the instructor.  Taking a class online ensures that everyone is getting the same training and the same style of training. Having your employees unified on training styles, techniques, and formats makes the work environment more fluid for employees and clients. Switching from one trainer to another would be easy to do if both have had the same style of training.  

The discounts you receive by joining ASFA’s Partner Program also provide employees an outlet to get additional discounted certifications to enhance their career and general knowledge of a specific topic of interest within the fitness and health areas. Every establishment wants to boast they have the best fitness consultants employed. Having access to affordable and reliable certifications provide employees everything they need to be the best that they can be in their career choice. Help build the fitness careers of your staff and wellness institution by joining the ASFA® Partner Program today! Click below to partner with us today!

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