Is Personal Training The Right Career For You?

If you love helping others get healthy and fit and enjoy motivating others, personal training business plans might be in your future. Personal training can be a great business opportunity since you are starting a business with little or no money of your own. Being a personal trainer can give you the scheduling flexibility you need to juggle both career and life.  

Personal training can look different from trainer to trainer. Identifying what your personal needs are and what your own personal career goals are can help you decide what type of training you want to do. Some trainers have specialty certifications in a specific area of interest that allows them to work in fitness areas that they enjoy the most. It could be a group fitness class, or strength and conditioning certification for weight training and bodybuilding. Every trainer has their favorite areas of expertise.   

Trainers pay also varies from trainer to trainer. Some trainers are full-time health club employees and are paid a salary to be there to help anyone who might need assistance. They might have a client that comes in for personal training, but a full-time staffed employee will be there regardless of whether or not a client comes in. They are ready to help anyone who needs a demonstration on how to use equipment properly or provide fitness tips and personal training recommendations.

Other trainers are part-time and only come in to meet with specific clients who have scheduled time with them. Full-time employees can make a higher salary than part-time employees. Individual personal trainers have the freedom to charge a separate rate from a gym membership. Their salary is dependent upon how many clients they see each day. Being a personal trainer can be a perfect supplemental income for those who train part-time in addition to having another full-time commitment. 

Personal training can also be the right career for you if you enjoy learning about fitness and nutrition. Continuing education classes allow you to always be learning and to have up-to-date knowledge on muscles anatomy and exercises. When you are doing your client screening, you’ll be able to apply all of this new knowledge to help others transform their lives and make health and fitness a part of their new healthy lifestyle.   

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