Interval Cycling Class Benefits

Interval cycling classes can provide a lot of health and fitness benefits to participants. Any individual who is starting a fitness club or starting a fitness studio will want to make sure they include interval cycling classes into their group fitness schedules.

Interval cycling classes work the anatomy of hip muscles differently allowing the participant to continue building strength while giving the over-used muscles a break. Any athlete or individual who participates in endurance sports, such as distance running, tend to have tighter hip and leg muscles resulting in reduced flexibility.  A lot of athletes will use interval cycling classes for their cross-training activity or off- season workouts. Using interval cycling classes as cross-training can help build up the muscle around your joints, protecting you from injury in other sports.

Interval cycling classes are also a great way to build endurance. Cycling is lower impact than other endurance sports, allowing you to train harder and more efficiently without getting hurt. Make sure you have your bike adjusted for your body frame to reduce any strain and to make sure you’re receiving the maximum benefit from the work out. If you are new to interval cycling classes, be sure to arrive early so the instructor can help you with your bike adjustments. If you notice something feeling off during a class, raise your hand to get help from the instructor. Don’t try to work through any pain that can be easily fixed with a slight adjustment.  

Interval cycling classes are also great for creating power and muscle in the lower body. You are able to make adjustments on the bike to make the resistance harder and more challenging. Building lean muscle can help give you that extra push in other sports and competition. Creating more muscle in the lower body can also help provide extra stability and support for functional fitness. Cycling classes can be the best leg exercises for mass use, since people of all ages and fitness levels can participate. Add some variety to your routine and join an interval cycling class today!

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