Indoor Cycling Certification - Let's Burn Some Calories!

If you are ready to add some fun into your cardio routine, then indoor cycling certification is for you! The classes are fast paced, challenging, and completely customizable to fit your goals and needs.

Having proper form is the key to enjoying an indoor cycling class. As an instructor, you will need to make sure that you arrive to class early enough to have individuals adjust their bike seats and bars to make sure it is properly adjusted for their height. This will help ensure that joints are protected and your clients will not be as prone to injury during class. Other suggestions for new indoor cyclists include bike shoes to help keep their feet attached to the pedals without having to arch their foot or toes to maintain contact. Padded bike shorts or a padded seat cover are also recommended for new indoor cyclists to make their classes more enjoyable as they get used to the type of seat and bike.

Indoor cyclists get the freedom to customize their workout for their individual needs and goals. Some enthusiasts like to power through their workout with intense hill repeats, and others are simply looking to having an easy peddle session with friends as they ramp up their own routine. The low impact nature of indoor cycling enables all ages and fitness levels to participate. Even athletes coming back from injury or starting a fitness routine for the first time can enjoy the fun and calorie burn of an indoor cycling class.

Each cyclist gets to find their base number on the dial (or flywheel) that works best for them. The rest of the class builds from that. The higher the number, the greater the resistance and the harder the bike will be to peddle. The lower the numbers have the least resistance for your easy warmups and downhills. The instructor leads you through a series of workouts on the bike where you get the freedom to add resistance to your bike as you go uphill and lessen the resistance on the downhill. The stationary bike always stays the same, but the workout mimics a bike outside. The instructor chooses music that is close in sync to the RPM’s on the bike so you can really enjoy the bike and music together. The classes are fun and the instructor adds to that with positive and motivating leads pushing the students to dig deeper to really challenge themselves.

Any individual can benefit from indoor cycling classes. The low-impact nature of the class ensures that young athletes all the way to seniors can benefit from the class. It is fun to look down on the screen to see all the calories burned in class and the distance covered. Being indoors leaves no opportunity for excuses by anyone! Get your indoor cycling certification and inspire others to dig deep and stay fit.

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