Indoor Cycling Certification: Convenient & Cost-Effective

Indoor cycling certification is a convenient and cost-effective way to continue your career in the fitness industry and open the doors for career growth. Indoor cycling is more than just a group fitness class. It becomes an essential part of training for many on their personal journey to better health and to some, as they push toward greater fitness challenges like triathletes.

A fitness club general manager oversees the certifications the trainers in their organization have, thereby providing the best trainers to their clients. Multi-faceted personal fitness trainers with several certifications in different specialties are a valuable asset, giving clients the greatest opportunities for personal growth. A certified personal trainer (CPT) with an indoor cycling certification could help clients with a sprint triathlon training program. Athletes who are beginning triathlon training may need assistance getting started if they don’t know how to train for first triathlon events. A CPT, Triathlon Coach or indoor cycling instructor could be the key to success for that client.

Health and fitness management teams like to see recertification and continuing education from their trainers as it shows continued dedication and commitment to their fitness clients. Being a dedicated trainer can help you advance within your current employment opportunity and also opens the door to potentially better jobs at other health and fitness venues. Recertification is easy and can be done online with American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA), so the option to renew is always available and convenient, 24/7, where you only pay if you pass. 

Indoor cycling certification is a convenient and cost-effective way for trainers to continue doing what they love. Having your certification can provide you with many opportunities for career growth while continuing to spark your passion for health and fitness. Click the link below to learn more about ASFA’s Cycling Certification program!

ASFA Cycling Certification

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