Hypertrophy - What are the Basics?

Hypertrophy training refers to the enlargement of muscular growth due to the overload of weight and reps used in resistance training. The purpose of hypertrophy training is to work each muscle to its fullest potential to get the most gain from each exercise and repetition. Knowing the basics of hypertrophy training can help if you want to learn how to work with a personal trainer to improve strength, performance, and lean muscle mass.

Benefits of personal training include a fitness professional to oversee your training to make sure you are using proper form. When performing high repetitions or using heavy weights, proper form is a necessity to prevent muscular strains and injury. Proper form also helps to protect joints and can help reduce chronic aches and pains associated with your fitness program.  

Hypertrophy training can help improve strength and performance in other areas of fitness training such as kick box classes or other high intensity endurance activity. Kickboxing workouts continue to be a favorite for fitness enthusiasts and are well loved for their high intensity and confidence building programs. Kickboxing routines can be added to a variety of fitness programs and can enhance current fitness programs to prevent boredom, injury, and plateauing to ensure that you are always getting the most out of each workout.

Hypertrophy training is not designed to fit everyone. If you are injured or have a high risk for sports injury, hypertrophy training may not be the fit for you. Elderly individuals, who have lost significant bone mass as well as youths whose bodies are still developing, will want to only use hypertrophy training under the supervision of a certified personal trainer who will be overseeing the form, program, and progress of hypertrophy training.  

Hypertrophy training can help athletes get the results they want quickly by pushing their body to the max and challenging their muscles to work to full fatigue. Breaking down the muscles through intense training allows them to grow and gain mass quickly for maximum gains.  Hypertrophy training is used mostly in resistance training, such as body building, but can be used for intense endurance training as well.


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