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Safety Considerations for Teaching Fitness Bootcamps

One of the most fun, enjoyable, and intense workouts available to fitness enthusiasts is participating in a Bootcamp class. In addition to being motivating for the participants, they are exciting for the instructors! It's easy to get carried away by the group excitement and competition in Bootcamp classes. However, as an instructor, you cannot get lost in the moment. You must remain diligent and vigilant in monitoring the safety of all the participants. Though perceived exertion and heart rate should be regularly monitored in all physical activities, there are some dangers that are more common in bootcamp classes than other exercises classes.

  1. Heat stroke and other related heat illnesses are more common in Bootcamp classes since they are more commonly held outdoors. Knowing the symptoms of heat illnesses is a must for Bootcamp instructors.
  2. Though dehydration can happen in any exercise class, it can be more dangerous when it happens in a bootcamp class. Because Bootcamp classes are not always held in gyms, there is a less of a likelihood for there to be a water fountain in close proximity. If you are planning to hold an outdoor bootcamp, be sure to bring plenty of water and monitor participants for symptoms of dehydration.
  3. Sprains & Strains. Why are sprains and strains more likely in a bootcamp class? They are more likely because bootcamp classes use dynamic movement drills more often than other exercise classes. Additionally, many of these drills are completed on surfaces that aren’t level--running outside, running up a hill. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) should be immediately applied if any participant exhibits symptoms of a minor strain or sprain.

As you can see, bootcamp classes have their own set of challenges. Though they are extremely rewarding and beneficial to instruct, because of their dynamic nature in the great outdoors there is some risk involved.

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