How to Stay Cool When Running Outside

As the temperatures rise outside, runners still have training miles to complete in preparation for upcoming events. Fall marathons are trained for in the summer months. Many runners struggle with staying cool and hydrated in the summer months. Below are some tips you can use to stay cool when running outside.

1.)  Wear breathable fabrics. Breathable fabrics will absorb moisture from your skin and help it to evaporate quickly. This technology helps to keep you cool and dry. You don’t have to get an expensive brand to have good quality fabrics. Many of the less expensive brands are following the lead and using these same fabrics in their own clothing lines.

2.)  Stay hydrated. Dehydration can sneak up very quickly in the summer months. Staying hydrated and staying on top of your nutrition will also assist in keeping you cool. Use an insulated water bottle and fill it with ice! Ice is a great tool to manage body temperature. Distance runners who run with a hydration pack will often fill the bladder of their pack with ice to keep the pack cool against their bodies. Know where your aid stations are and where you can stop to get 7-11 ice if needed.

3.)  Wear a hat to help keep sun off of you. Hats and sunblock help to shield you from the harmful UV rays and prevent sunburn. Running towels and bandanas are tricks that some of the distance runners do to stay warm and dry.

4.)  Running before sunrise is a great way to avoid the heat and sun. If you are not comfortable running alone, contact your local running store. They will be able to connect you with other runners and groups to run with.

5.)  Time your runs so that you are not running in the prime heat of the day. Stick to a plan of running early before sunrise or later after sunset. Be sure to tell someone where you are if you go run by yourself. Running before sunrise is a great way to start cool.

Grab your running friends and your ice water and go run early to get your best quality miles in while beating the heat!  To learn more about becoming a Running Fitness Coach, just click the link below.

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