How To Become a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

If you love fitness and nutrition, you may have asked yourself, “What do I need to become a personal trainer and nutritionist?”  You are in luck because getting access to information for a career in nutrition and personal training is easier than ever with convenient online access to study programs and testing sites.

Both personal trainers and nutritionists must acquire a certification to allow them to work in those fields. Many individuals who go through the Personal Training Certification program continue their education to get an additional certification in nutrition to boost their skills and career within the health and fitness industries.  Some nutritionists only get their certification in nutrition and concentrate in that specific area of interest only. 

Getting started is very similar for both personal training and nutrition certification.  You have to find and commit to program that works for you and your schedule.  Online classes are a big help for anyone becoming a fitness trainer or becoming a nutritional consultant.  Online classes provide a convenient option for individuals who are already working a full-time job so they can study when they have time.  Online classes are also great for continuing education and additional certifications.  Many trainers work unusual hours to accommodate the needs of their clients and their hours may vary from week to week.  Having access to online training and online classes allows them to work on their education when they are able to. Online classes are also a great tool for anyone wanting to change careers. It allows them to study and work through the program while having another career on the side. Online coursework is counted equally as classroom work so be sure to take advantage of the online tools and online study groups to help you through your program if you need it.

After you have completed your studies and worked through the program, you will be eligible to test for the certification. Personal trainers will take an exam for personal training and those focusing on nutrition will test for a certification as a nutritionist.  If you have opted to do your studies online, there are online practice exams to help familiarize yourself with the testing process and to make you feel more comfortable and less anxious when taking the exam.  Online studies allow you to take the test online too for extra convenience. You will be able to print out your certification at the end if you have passed the exam and paid for the certification.  That certification provides you with what you need to begin your career as a personal trainer or nutritionist in the fitness and health fields. 

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