Hip Hop Fitness Certification: Pop, Lock & Drop

group fitness certification program allows you to train and teach group fitness classes. Once you have your group fitness certificate, you can continue your studies to focus on a specific area of fitness. If you enjoy dance and high energy fun, getting a dance/hip-hop training certificate just makes sense.

Hip hop fitness classes are fun because they follow current dance trends that are choreographed to music. Instructors get to create the routine and many instructors enjoy this creative outlet the best. They are able to create different routines for each class which keeps the energy levels high and prevents boredom among the clients who come often.  

Hip hop fitness is growing in popularity. If you do not have fitness training schools near you that offer certifications in dance fitness, you can do the distance learning correspondence course and get those same certificates online in your spare time.

Having the additional ASFA certifications makes you more appealing to an employer for the crossover skills of personal training plus group fitness classes.

Many large companies look to implement corporate wellness programs on campus to serve the needs of their employees and create a healthier and productive work environment. You could visit any of the large corporations to see if you could offer hip hop fitness classes to employees before and after work. Some have their own wellness facilities and could easily accommodate trainers and fitness classes. You also will be able to be employed by private dance studios. Many already offer hip hop classes to children. Hip hop fitness could be appealing to the parents while their children are in class. Many private dance studios offer duel dance classes and dance fitness classes. And lastly, with the rising trends and demands for dance fitness classes, any health club could be a perfect fit for your passion.

Pop, lock, and drop with a certification in hip hop fitness today!

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