Hip-Hop Certification – Pop, Stop and Break to the Beat!

Learn how to groove like a true hip-hop legend with a dance & hip-hop instructor certification! 

Hip-hop is a dance genre that is renowned worldwide. It is a form of music that has produced some truly legendary. Hip-hop artists rap about real life and what it is like to grow up in the most troubled areas of the world. This unique genre of music has led to an even more unique and fantastic form of dance – Hip-hop dancing. Hip-hop dance is like no other and it has remained a popular form of dance for those who love the music, and those who love the style for decades and decades. Hip-hop dance has become hugely popular due to the rise in awareness of hip-hop music in general, and due to films like Step Up and TV shows like America's best dance crew.

As a fitness professional, becoming a certified hip-hop dance instructor can be an exciting and engaging career path to take. ASFA® offers a dance & hip-hop certification that is based online and is straightforward to complete. As you study, you will learn about the different techniques involved in hip hop dancing such as locking, popping and breaking together with a host of moves and choreography tips. Furthermore, you will learn about the history of this dance genre and its roots that date back to the 1970's. Once certified, you can start formulating your own dance classes and routines, and roll them out to your clients. 

If you are interested in dance and feel this genre is something you would enjoy, ASFA’s certification really is the most credible option to enhance your career. Take your ASFA Dance & hip-hop instruction certification today and start popping like a pro! 

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